Video Strolls Edinburgh I

Thursday 6th Nov, 7pm-late at Sofi’s Bar, 63-65 Henderson St, Edinburgh EH6 6ED.

We’re taking our AWW programme to Edinburgh and throwing in some local films for the good people of Leith.

Films/Filmmakers (no particular order):

61 Marchmont Rd by Nick Paton

Old Town by Maxy Neil Bianco, with words from Michael Smith.



Ginnel by Rob St John, Sam Mcloughlin and David Chatton-Barker.

Robey by Craig Bilham & Owen Davey, with words from Tim Wells.



Tim: (editor)

Next To Heaven (selected episode) by Rob Parrish.

Yew by Miles Umney.

Digbeth Typography Tour by Andy Howlett and Ben Waddington


Ben: (festival director)

I Took The Train To Scotland by Owen Davey.

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