Video Strolls at Flatpack Home Entertainment Edition

100m st thumb

Flatpack Festival have kindly invited us to put together a programme for their Home Entertainment Edition. It’ll be live from 14-17 May.

At a time when movement is so greatly reduced, the simple act of going for a walk takes on a new significance. While many of us are still able to take a stroll close to home, the act of venturing further afield to explore other cities or even countries is fast becoming a distant memory. We’re here to help. With this selection of ambulatory themed shorts, we invite you for a wander around a conflict zone in Iraqi Kurdistan, a back-alley pilgrimage in Islington and a cross-city odyssey in Birmingham, all without leaving the house.

Featuring the work of Sam Christie, Liberty Rowley, John Rogers, Owen Davey, Andy Howlett, Pete Ashton, Davina Kirkpatrick, Carol Laidler, Dominic Martin and Paul Sayers.

You will find the programme here.

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