Wish We Were Here: 4th World Congress of Psychogeography

For 4WCOP we’ve gathered a collection of psychogeographical shorts reflecting this year’s theme “Wish We Were Here”. 

You can binge-watch them all here or pace yourself as we’ll share them on Facebook (@videostrollsarchive)at intervals in the run-up to the Congress on 4th September 2022.

The films are divided into three subjects: The Seaside, Roads to Nowhere and New Towns / New Worlds

Wish We Were Here: The Seaside

Exploring the wish you were here, kiss me quick, saucy postcard ideas of the British coast.

Holey Rock by Matthew Dowell

Memories of childhood holidays spent at the beach at Roker are illustrated by vintage picture postcards.

Like No Place by Only The Ants Can Save Us Now

Returning to the coastal town in which the artist grew up.

“This is a film about my home, and about ‘home’ in general. it’s also about moving away, moving on and growing up, and it’s my attempt at making something productive out of feelings of nostalgia and melancholy.”

Eden by Simon Aeppli

“Eden, in Northern Ireland, shares few of the qualities of its namesake.
It exists around the perimeter fence of one of Ireland’s largest power stations.
This portrait of my hometown forms the basis of a video that explores a run-down half-forgotten place.
Focusing on Eden’s residents, the work reveals a place filled with eccentricity, humour and beauty.”

Wish We Were Here: Roads to Nowhere

Failed transport links, demolished stations, abandoned roads and motorways never built. We wish were here, but how do we get there?

Give My Regards to Broad Street Station by WisGEMs

A little guide on the remains of Broad Street Station.

Why was this Essex motorway never built? by Holloway Tyre

“What or where is the M12? Where was it supposed to go, and why did it not get built? People were asking. I needed answers.”

A602 Stevenage to Hertfordshire by Auto Shenanigans

Episode 2 of a series exploring some of the UK’s abandoned or disused roads. Old roads in the woods, motorway junctions or forgotten slip roads, this series has it all!

Wish We Were Here: New Towns / New Worlds

Visions of the future, from the past and from the present.

Town of Tomorrow by Cam Griff

Taking a journey into the utopia of the past using footage from Thamesmead 1970 made by the Greater London Council.

A Field of Islands by Edmund Hardy / Namida Red

Inspired by games such as Myst, and a poem by Glissant of the same name, this is a dream-like short about the desire to find ‘negative islands’ from which the world might be unmade. Nisha Ramayya plays ‘S’, who circles between lime kiln tunnels, observation decks high above a future city, and the London clubbing scene, trying to find a re-beginning or a good way through this field of islands and into a world beyond.

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