video strolls

(from left) Richard Ashrowan, Owen, Rosalind Fowler & Andrew Kotting  having some moving image banter at our Alchemy screening.

“Hats off to the VideoStrolls team and their exploration of the overlooked, ignored corners of our messy urban fabric. Their hunch that the ugly places are often the most interesting ones, if only you look through the right lens, is explored with a spirit of curiosity, bemusement, and fundamentally, love – keep up the good work, your country needs you!”

– Michael Smith, The Culture Show

“Being invited to participate in VideoStrolls screenings and inclusion on the website feels like becoming part of a community of like-minded artists and filmmakers. It is an honour to have our work collected together with film makers whose work we have been influenced and inspired by and to discover new and exciting filmmakers to inspire us in the future.”

– Liberty Rowley, FourFeetFilms & Curator of the London Arts Board (and now Video Strolls!)

“I was impressed by Videostrolls’ curatorial eye and enjoyed working with them.”               – Rosalind Fowler, Artist-Filmmaker

“Vital and fantastic!”

– Andrew Kotting, straw bear