Strolls as stories told in video…

Video Strolls curates and hosts accessible public discussions and screenings of artists’ films about place, people and journeying.  Our programmes are often themed around the location in which they take place and bring internationally respected artists together with local artists and audiences. Video Strolls exhibits throughout the UK at festivals, galleries, cinemas and in fact anywhere with a large flat white vertical surface and a bar.

Here’s something by filmmaker and author of This Other London, John Rogers, which typifies the way we like to encourage new, DIY filmmaking and the integration between artist and audience with our screenings; John makes a ‘videostroll’ about going to a Videos Strolls screening at the MK Gallery in Milton Keynes:

Video Strolls was founded in 2014 by Manchester based artist/filmmaker Owen D. Davey and Edinburgh based print-maker Callum Alden. It is now curated in collaboration with Birmingham based artist/filmmaker Andy Howlett and London based filmmaker/curator Liberty Rowley.

For the latest screening news you can follow Video Strolls on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or by Mailing-List.

Please email Andy, Liberty or Owen @videostrolls.com to get in contact.


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