Reweirding – Women and Walking: Wanderers and Psychogeographical Pilgrimage

Women walk. Kerri Andrews discusses her book, ‘Wanderers’, about ten women who have found walking essential to their sense of themselves. Sonia Overall takes the path of the lone woman walker, seeking out ‘thin places’ where past and present collide, and where new ways of living might begin.

6 December 2022 6.30pm – 10pm
The Amersham Arms, 388 New Cross Road, London SE14 6TY
£6 / £4 concessions – Advance Tickets

Plus short films curated by Video Strolls! (you can also watch below)

The Junction by Inglis Owens
Green Leaves, Black Water by Patti Lean
Messages from the M11 (part 2)

Watch Part 1 and Part 3

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Reweirding – Art from Elsewhere: Graffiti, Shrines and Genderqueer Deities

Art is whatever we decide is art. We invite three women to reveal their practice and passion for art from elsewhere including medieval graffiti, an outside shrine in Southwark and the making of Genderqueer Deities with artist Rachael House.

Rachael House – Creating Genderqueer Deities

Crystal Hollis – England’s Historic Graffiti: Voices Preserved in Stone

Lucy Coleman Talbot – The Lore of Crossbones Graveyard

Plus short films curated by Video Strolls! (you can also watch below)

11 October 2022 7pm – 10 pm
The Amersham Arms, 388 New Cross Road, London SE14 6TY
£6 / £4 concessions – Advance Tickets.

graffito guide by Milk & Peppers
Terminus an A127 walk by Dr Ralph Overill
Codename India-1967 by Jason Moyes
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Reweirding – Urban Nature: Animals, Plants and Life in the City

A city is an eco-system and we’re going to explore it. Florence Wilkinson, author of Wild City: Encounters With Urban Wildlife takes us on the journey into why we should engage with our fellow urban species. Luke Turner of The Quietus, author of Out of the Woods describes his memoir on sexuality, shame and the lure of the trees on the cities edge and Roy Vickery of the South London Botanical Institute and author of Vickery’s Folk Flora discusses the lore of London’s urban plant life.

Plus short films curated by Video Strolls! (you can also watch below)

13 September 2022 7pm – 10 pm
The Amersham Arms, 388 New Cross Road, London SE14 6TY
£6 / £4 concessions – Advance Tickets.

CBTR You Are Here: Your 2020 Highlights by Kevin Boniface

“Your 2020 Highlights: Wearing your anorak to protect you from doubt, The downy remains of a sparrowhawk kill, Creating a garden display by sticking some succulents to a wall with expanding foam, Recalling the time you paid 10€ for a Coke in Lanzarote, Checking the fire resistant credentials of your commemorative wreath…”

Wandering at Strange Hours by Ryan Powell

“The first lockdown unmoored time from any kind of schedule creating a perpetual present which, given the backdrop of the pandemic, provided plenty of time for feeling anxious. But it also gave space for different kinds of drifting, both intellectual and physical. Time to read and pursue whims with energy and enthusiasm and drop them without feeling guilty about “wasted” time and time to wander without aim. With human life on standstill and shut away inside my attention while out walking shifted to the more-than-human-world which, it was comforting to see, continued unabated. Even in the city more than humans are all around, a parallel world requiring only a slight perceptual re-shift, a tilt of the head, to be brought into focus.”

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Wish We Were Here: 4th World Congress of Psychogeography

For 4WCOP we’ve gathered a collection of psychogeographical shorts reflecting this year’s theme “Wish We Were Here”. 

You can binge-watch them all here or pace yourself as we’ll share them on Facebook (@videostrollsarchive)at intervals in the run-up to the Congress on 4th September 2022.

The films are divided into three subjects: The Seaside, Roads to Nowhere and New Towns / New Worlds

Wish We Were Here: The Seaside

Exploring the wish you were here, kiss me quick, saucy postcard ideas of the British coast.

Holey Rock by Matthew Dowell

Memories of childhood holidays spent at the beach at Roker are illustrated by vintage picture postcards.

Like No Place by Only The Ants Can Save Us Now

Returning to the coastal town in which the artist grew up.

“This is a film about my home, and about ‘home’ in general. it’s also about moving away, moving on and growing up, and it’s my attempt at making something productive out of feelings of nostalgia and melancholy.”

Eden by Simon Aeppli

“Eden, in Northern Ireland, shares few of the qualities of its namesake.
It exists around the perimeter fence of one of Ireland’s largest power stations.
This portrait of my hometown forms the basis of a video that explores a run-down half-forgotten place.
Focusing on Eden’s residents, the work reveals a place filled with eccentricity, humour and beauty.”

Wish We Were Here: Roads to Nowhere

Failed transport links, demolished stations, abandoned roads and motorways never built. We wish were here, but how do we get there?

Give My Regards to Broad Street Station by WisGEMs

A little guide on the remains of Broad Street Station.

Why was this Essex motorway never built? by Holloway Tyre

“What or where is the M12? Where was it supposed to go, and why did it not get built? People were asking. I needed answers.”

A602 Stevenage to Hertfordshire by Auto Shenanigans

Episode 2 of a series exploring some of the UK’s abandoned or disused roads. Old roads in the woods, motorway junctions or forgotten slip roads, this series has it all!

Wish We Were Here: New Towns / New Worlds

Visions of the future, from the past and from the present.

Town of Tomorrow by Cam Griff

Taking a journey into the utopia of the past using footage from Thamesmead 1970 made by the Greater London Council.

A Field of Islands by Edmund Hardy / Namida Red

Inspired by games such as Myst, and a poem by Glissant of the same name, this is a dream-like short about the desire to find ‘negative islands’ from which the world might be unmade. Nisha Ramayya plays ‘S’, who circles between lime kiln tunnels, observation decks high above a future city, and the London clubbing scene, trying to find a re-beginning or a good way through this field of islands and into a world beyond.

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Reweirding: Lost Landscape and Found Lore

Discover what remains of south London’s Great North Wood and revel in the revivial of the Deptford Jack in the Green mayday celebration. Complementary verdant short films from Video Strolls.

28 April 2022, 7pm to 10 pm
The Amersham Arms, 388 New Cross Road, London SE14 6TY
£7 / £5 concessions (Advance tickets advised)

Extreme Noticing: Trees! Or: How I learned to stop worrying about the pandemic and love the trees by Fiona Cullinan and WalkSpace
TREETOPS by Bill Newsinger
The Crystal Wald by OD Davey and Liberty Rowley
In The Woods by Sam Enthoven
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Reweirding London: Authors on the Secret City

We’re pleased to be adding some short films to Reweirding’s fantastic line up of London based weirdness:

Mudlarking, Criminal Queens and the deep City. Join us for an evening of short films and talks where we reweird London.

24 March 2022, 7 to 10 pm
The Amersham Arms, 388 New Cross Road, London SE14 6TY
£7 / £5 concessions (Advance tickets advised)

Caitlin Davies – Queens of the Underworld: A Journey into the Lives of Female Crooks
Lara Maiklem – Mudlarking: Lost and Found on the River Thames
Tom Chivers – London Clay: Journeys in the Deep City

And some short films curated by Video Strolls.

Find out more and book your tickets here:

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Paradise Lost: History In The Unmaking (PREMIERE)

Please join us for our Andy’s premiere at Flatpack Film Festival of his FEATURE-length Video Stroll, Paradise Lost: History In The Unmaking.

It chronicles a subjective and of course meandering perspective on the life and death of Birmingham’s iconic central library.

The live screening and Q&A is online at 8pm on the 24th May and you can book tickets HERE.

You can read an interview with Andy about the film HERE.

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Films looking at trees – for the Urban Tree Festival

For the Urban Tree Festival we have curated a collection of artists’ films that look at trees.

There is one a day for the duration of the festival – 15th to 23rd May – or you can binge them all in one go.

Day one – 15th May

Das Klang (Shaun Martin)

“My work revolves around the concepts of Hauntology and the recollection of a degraded image and sound. Each piece employs Hauntological mechanisms such as reintroduction of error and the haunting of ghosts, and uses techniques to reference Deleuze’s modalities of sensation, of vibration, resonance and forced movement. Utilising video editing and generative software built in Cycling 74 MaxMSP, I make visual documentaries from found image and sound that aim to re-invoke the spectres of a misremembered past and dislocate time”


Day Two – 16th May

John Rogers

London-based film-maker and writer John Rogers, author of This Other London – adventures in the overlooked city.
Find out more: The Lost Byway

Autumn Walk in Epping Forest

Day Three – 17th May

Sam Enthoven

Sound artist, ex-author and occasional filmmaker, now exploring the places where stories and sound meet.
Find out more

Sam’s Plague Transmissions are a series of pieces begun while in coronavirus lockdown in London.

Plague Transmission 14

Plague Transmission 23 

Day Four – 18th May

Chris H Lynn

Chris H. Lynn is a moving image maker, sound artist, educator, and curator from the United States. His digital images and Super 8 films capture the subtle rhythms of movement, light, and sound in urban and rural landscapes that vary from the Eastern shores of Maryland, U.S. to Nanjing, China.
Find out more:

November Afternoon

part of an ongoing series called The Journal of Drifting Hours

Day Five – 19th May

Bill Newsinger

Bill Newsinger is an award winning freelance filmmaker based in Leicester, UK.


Day Six – 20th May

Chris Welsby

Welsby began making landscape films and installations in the early 70s, and although he has worked across a range of media he has always concentrated on one particular theme: how do we see ourselves in relation to the natural world and how should we position our selves and our technologies within it? His art practice was heavily influenced by Structural Materialist film theory at the London Film Makers Co-operative and by cybernetic and systems theory at the Slade School of Fine Art, where as a student and later as a faculty member, he came into contact with some of the pioneers of interactive technology and computer-driven art forms.
Find out more:

Trees in Winter (extract)

Day Seven – 21st May

Liberty Rowley

Liberty Rowley makes short films and take photographs, mainly while walking, or travelling on the bus. She is one of the curatorial team at Video Strolls

Spinning Treetops (Winter)

Day Eight – 22nd May

O D Davey and Liberty Rowley

Owen Davey is a writer, director and performer, working in song, film and the gallery. In 2014 he founded Video Strolls, a nonprofit that curates art and film events that explore place and journeying. Currently an AHRC North West Consortium funded and Disabled Students Allowance supported PhD candidate at the University of Salford, doing practice-based research into ‘The Enfoldment of Song and First Person Filmmaking‘.
Find out more:

Liberty Rowley makes short films and take photographs, mainly while walking, or travelling on the bus. She is one of the curatorial team at Video Strolls

The Crystal Wald

Day Nine – 23rd May

John Rogers

London-based film-maker and writer John Rogers, author of This Other London – adventures in the overlooked city.
Find out more: The Lost Byway

Ruin in the Woods

Explore the rest of the Urban Tree Festival

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Video Strolls at Flatpack Home Entertainment Edition

100m st thumb

Flatpack Festival have kindly invited us to put together a programme for their Home Entertainment Edition. It’ll be live from 14-17 May.

At a time when movement is so greatly reduced, the simple act of going for a walk takes on a new significance. While many of us are still able to take a stroll close to home, the act of venturing further afield to explore other cities or even countries is fast becoming a distant memory. We’re here to help. With this selection of ambulatory themed shorts, we invite you for a wander around a conflict zone in Iraqi Kurdistan, a back-alley pilgrimage in Islington and a cross-city odyssey in Birmingham, all without leaving the house.

Featuring the work of Sam Christie, Liberty Rowley, John Rogers, Owen Davey, Andy Howlett, Pete Ashton, Davina Kirkpatrick, Carol Laidler, Dominic Martin and Paul Sayers.

You will find the programme here.

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Brief Flights

Talleyrand poster January 2020 square

Join Video Strolls curator Owen Davey and other Manchester artists/filmmakers for a FREE screening of music/place/films this Thursday, details on the flyer!

Additionally, Owen’s work and that of 500+ other Mancunian artists and filmmakers, place’y or otherwise, can be viewed at the first ever Manchester Open Exhibition at HOME MCR over the next couple of months. Enjoy!

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