Reweirding – Urban Nature: Animals, Plants and Life in the City

A city is an eco-system and we’re going to explore it. Florence Wilkinson, author of Wild City: Encounters With Urban Wildlife takes us on the journey into why we should engage with our fellow urban species. Luke Turner of The Quietus, author of Out of the Woods describes his memoir on sexuality, shame and the lure of the trees on the cities edge and Roy Vickery of the South London Botanical Institute and author of Vickery’s Folk Flora discusses the lore of London’s urban plant life.

Plus short films curated by Video Strolls! (you can also watch below)

13 September 2022 7pm – 10 pm
The Amersham Arms, 388 New Cross Road, London SE14 6TY
£6 / £4 concessions – Advance Tickets.

CBTR You Are Here: Your 2020 Highlights by Kevin Boniface

“Your 2020 Highlights: Wearing your anorak to protect you from doubt, The downy remains of a sparrowhawk kill, Creating a garden display by sticking some succulents to a wall with expanding foam, Recalling the time you paid 10€ for a Coke in Lanzarote, Checking the fire resistant credentials of your commemorative wreath…”

Wandering at Strange Hours by Ryan Powell

“The first lockdown unmoored time from any kind of schedule creating a perpetual present which, given the backdrop of the pandemic, provided plenty of time for feeling anxious. But it also gave space for different kinds of drifting, both intellectual and physical. Time to read and pursue whims with energy and enthusiasm and drop them without feeling guilty about “wasted” time and time to wander without aim. With human life on standstill and shut away inside my attention while out walking shifted to the more-than-human-world which, it was comforting to see, continued unabated. Even in the city more than humans are all around, a parallel world requiring only a slight perceptual re-shift, a tilt of the head, to be brought into focus.”

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